Monday, March 3, 2014

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Hair on Hide Hatbands

Trending throughout the world at the moment are Concho Hatbands and Jewellery, and at Shikoba we brought you an Australian First - Hair on Hide Hatbands.

Hand cut Australian Cowhide with 3 Animal and two plain Conchos.

Add a snap clip for security and you have the Shikoba Hair on Hide Hatband.

63cm total length - one size fits all.

All hand cut and made in Byron Bay Australia.

Be one of the first to own these amazing new designer pieces ..

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Remove Negativity From Your Life

This time of year negativity is around us sneaking in even though it's soon to be Christmas, so I thought I'd share a few tips here from Brett Blumenthal Removing Negativity-from-your-life

Have you ever come away from a conversation with a friend feeling down, empty or alone, in spite of being in a good mood at the beginning of the discussion? Do you find that you are more concerned with the drawbacks of doing something than actually doing it? Or, does the thought of going into your office make you feel sick?  If you said yes to any of these questions, you are most likely in the presence of negativity.
Negativity is all around us and doesn’t always present itself in an obvious way. Is a matter of fact, there are three sources from which negativity usually breeds: Negativity in your relationships, negativity within yourself and negativity within your environment.  Whether you are receiving it from one or all sources, here are some things you can do to reduce the negativity in your life:

Negativity in Your Relationships

  1. Minimize Toxic Relationships. You all have heard me say this before: Remove toxicity from your life.  Toxic relationships often come hand-in-hand with negativity.  If an individual makes you feel bad about yourself, what you do, how you are, then the person is toxic.  Toxic people often make others feel badly in order to feel better about themselves.  Unfortunately,  these individuals can be family, making it difficult to completely remove them from your life.  In these cases, minimize the time you spend with them and work on cultivating healthier, happier relationships.
  2. Set Clear Boundaries. Set boundaries with the negative people in your life. If they cross a line and they go too far with their commentary, then let them know that although you love them and care for them, their negativity isn’t welcome.  Explain to them that if they can’t be positive or respectful, then you can’t be around them.
  3. Find Positive People. The more you surround yourself with positive, high energy people, the less room you have for those who are negative.  Have you ever had a friend who made you feel special, gave you more confidence, even made you feel empowered?  This is the type of person who brings positivity into your life.

Negativity within Yourself

  1. Focus on the Whats and Not the What ifs. Many of us let fear and anxiety impair our ability to move forward and achieve the things that will bring happiness into our lives.  Negativity feeds on fear and anxiety.  As a result, focus on the things you want to do and imagine yourself doing them.  Push out the fear and the anxiety and instead, imagine the positive feelings and happiness you’ll get from doing the things you want to do.
  2. Meditate. Meditation can come in many forms.  You can meditate through more traditional formats such as yoga or deep breathing, or just by carving in some “alone” time by yourself.  The goal here is to spend some time on a daily basis, clearing your mind, ridding it of negative thoughts and refocusing it on those that are positive.
  3. Do What You Love. Enjoying the things you love allows you to feel positive, happy and joyful. When we do things that feel good and that bring us happiness, we disengage negativity.
  4. Think Positively. Although I’m not that well versed in the “law of attraction,” there is a lot of truth to being the master of your own destiny. You may have heard the saying, “positive thoughts beget positive results.”  The more negatively we think, the more negative things will happen. However, the more positive we are and the more we believe in ourselves, the more positive things will come our way.

Negativity within Your Environment

  1. Love What You Do and Where You Do it. Granted, when times are tough, we may not have the luxury of being too picky in this area.  But, when we work with people who are negative, it can be draining.  Further, if the morale of the company is really low, your work environment can have a tremendously negative impact on you and your overall outlook. If this is the case, look for a new job and seek out a company that is known for having a healthy, positive culture.  There may even be an opportunity in another department within your existing company.
  2. Love Where You Live. Our neighborhood can have a big impact on our outlook. Whether something distasteful has happened in your community or you just don’t get positive vibes from your neighbors, it may be time to move.
  3. Get Involved. Get involved in your local community. Do some charity work. Get involved with a non-profit. Be a big brother or sister. Getting involved in philanthropic programs makes a positive impact on the world around you, ultimately making you feel positive about yourself and about life.
Don’t let negativity bring you down. Make it a thing of the past and see how positive life can be! Have you conquered negatively recently? What did you have to do?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Shikoba | Sacred Thunderbird Necklace in Sterling Silver

Sacred Thunderbird Necklace

Shikoba is thrilled to share her original thunderbird design in Sterling Silver with genuine Turquoise and Red Coral stones...
The Thunderbird is considered a supernatural bird of power & strength by the Native Americans, also known as a Thunder Being. The Thunderbird is capable of creating storms & thunder as it flies.

His voice is the great thunderclap, and the smaller rolling thunders that follow his booming shouts are the cries of his children, the little thunderbirds. The Native American name for the Thunderbird "Wakiyan" means sacred.
Sterling Silver Pendant on it's own $ 75.00

On thin Sterling chain $ 95.00

On thick Sterling chain $105.00

On Long 30" Sterling Chain $125.00
See Also our Sacred Thunderbird Talisman (Sterling Thunderbird and Clear Quartz Crystal) Necklace..

The perfect Christmas gift..

Part of the Thunderbird Collection
 MODEL - Sonja Langford

Click here to Buy Sacred Thunderbird Necklace Online..

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shikoba Designs | Sterling Silver Designer Jewellery and Clothing

Never have I enjoyed myself so much than I am now with my own shop.  Being able to finally share creations and wares to my hearts content and most importantly passing on the savings to you..
As a little girl I dreamt of a shop like this.  I dabbled in Brisbane but here in the Bay I have plenty of inspirational souls with whom I can collaborate and it is truly inspiring and humbling to work with such knowledgeable people like Di..

 I love discovering new pieces or designing my own. My designer sterling silver thunderbirds arrived yesterday and they are breathtaking especially the Om Thunderbird and they are genuine 925 sterling silver.  A great Christmas idea for yourself or your loved ones..

We are also venturing into clothing a little just the odd garment here and there with Summer Holidays in mind.  We have Blame My Gypsy Soul Singlet Tops, basic little silk kimonos/robes and joy of joy I am designing a new age Kimono with local master clothing designer Di Roberts here in Byron Bay.
She took my ideas and designs and is helping me make them a reality.  It is so exciting to watch a dream come to fruition, with the sterling silver jewellery and now the kimono ...

Shikoba will never become a clothes store that is not on my path, but I will share the odd little find or bargain here and there.

Here's a sneak peek at the Kuan Yin Kimono..
 This is the first decent Kuan Yin Kimono in the world and I'm thrilled to put it out there..
There is also a Buddha Kimono in the works as well.
I want to thank Barbara Streisand's character Ros in Meet the Fockers who inspired the Buddha Kimono and Kuan Yin Kimonos with her own original buddha kimono made especially for the movie. It was from that day forth I was determined to make my own kimono one day.  I have had a short buddha kimono myself for years now, and to produce my own for sale is a dream come true.

Stay tuned because the Christmas/New Year holiday season is going to be really exciting at Shikoba this year...  Kimonos may not make it in time for Christmas but they are coming...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kuan Yin Bone Pendants

Kuan Yin Bone Pendants

Hand carved Bone Kuan Yin Pendants.

Buy on it's own or with Sterling Silver Chain - your choice.
Let the Mother of Compassion and Mercy bless you as you wear this beautiful devotional piece..


Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, is a manifestation of the Divine Mother and serves mankind in much the same way as Mother Mary. Many think of her as the Buddhist Madonna and Saviouress of the East. Her names are as numerous as those of Mother Mary and her title and office as a Goddess denotes her level of attainment as a Cosmic Being.

To the people of Japan she is known as Kannon and in China her name is Guanyin. You may have heard of her as Miao Shan, a legendary Chinese Princess known for her great compassion or by her popular Tibetan and Mongolian name of Tara.
Kuan Yin is a bodhisattva, a being of wisdom destined to become a Buddha. She has taken the vow of a bodhisattva to save all beings from suffering by forgoing the final state of Buddhahood. Scholar Robert Thurman explains these celestial saviors saying:
Bodhisattvas are truly messianic figures, spiritual heroes and heroines willing to sacrifice themselves for others life after life. At the same time, they are keen to develop the wisdom that understands reality and the art to be effective in saving beings. 2
Kuan Yin is called the Goddess of Mercy because she embodies the flame of mercy and compassion. We can pray to her not only for comfort, healing, guidance and succor but also for mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. She shows us through the flame of forgiveness how to free ourselves from all hardness of heart and teaches us to have compassion for all. She comes as the Mother to dispel all maya (illusion).
The age of Aquarius is dawning. Mystics and sages say this is the age for the awakening of our understanding of God as Mother. It is the age for the raising of the Mother flame. Kuan Yin teaches us the safest way to accomplish this is through prayer and devotion to God.
There are many legends surrounding this celestial bodhisattva. One particularly beautiful one illustrates how Kuan Yin, more appropriately known as Kuan-shih-yin, came to be known as such. Her name means "one who regards, looks on, or hears the sounds of the world." The legend says Kuan Yin paused on the threshold of heaven as she was about to enter when she heard the anguished cries of the world. Out of compassion for the suffering of others, she turned and vowed to remain and help those in need for however long this may take. The bodhisattva vow is a sacred and holy vow and not one to be taken lightly. Kuan Yin is a nurturing Mother and the love and compassion she has for all is truly great.

The following mantra is associated with her:



English translation:

OM! Hail to the jewel in the lotus!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Sterling Silver Om Pendants in Black Onyx, Clear Quartz and Turquiose

Sterling Silver Om Pendants

Sharing a special find - the Sterling Silver Om Pendants. It is a wonderful double sided pendant where you can wear it as a plain gemstone or turn it over and it's an Om Symbol in your choice of stone - Clear Quartz, Black Onyx and Turquoise.

We only have a few of this little beauty, so be quick..

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gypsy Sunday

I was inspired by Stevie today and created the Gypsy Goddess Dreamcatcher below..
A dream catcher Steve Nicks herself would be proud of..